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Project Access 8 Year Operations Analysis

Project Access, a community-based, physician-led initiative to expand access to medical services for low-income, uninsured residents of Sedgwick County, Kansas, is a program of the Central Plains Regional Health Care Foundation in partnership with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County (MSSC). The goal of Project Access is to coordinate patient enrollment and referrals that make a broader range of donated services available for uninsured people. Patient health care needs cover a broad range, beyond physician and hospital services, including physical therapy, diagnostic tests (lab work, x-rays, interpretation of test results, etc.), durable medical equipment, medical supplies, home-based care, and other ancillary services.

During the first 8 years of Project Access operations, claims-based data was available for 7,511 patients. This analysis describes donated physician office and hospital services, identifies the major diseases affecting the low-income uninsured, and compares analysis data to selected national indicators.

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