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Who is eligible? 

You must meet all the following requirements:

  • have a current medical need that goes beyond a regular checkup
  • be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent U.S. resident
  • live in Sedgwick County
  • have no medical insurance
  • have no current state or Federal medical benefits  (If you do qualify for state or Federal benefits, we will refer you to the right agency to start an application.)
  • have a gross household income at or below 250%  of Federal Poverty Level guidelines

Income Calculator

Note: You may use this calculator to get a rough estimate of your level of income. Project Access considers several factors to determine a person’s income for enrollment purposes. Your estimate may differ from the amount determined by Project Access.

FPL Calculator

Please round to the nearest whole number

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How can I be enrolled?

Project Access requires a referral from a doctor before a patient can be enrolled.  In order to be considered for Project Access, you must already be a patient, and your doctor must agree to refer you to Project Access.

Referrals can come from:

  1.  a private physician who has agreed to donate care through Project Access;
  2. one of the area’s primary care residency programs.  The residency clinics include Via Christi Family Medicine, Wesley Family Medicine, and the KU residency clinics; or
  3. one of the following low-cost, primary care clinics below:

Please note: Department for Children & Families (DCF) has an employee at most of these clinics. They enroll people in Project Access. They also help people enroll in state programs such as Medicaid and Healthwave.

If you are a patient at any of these locations and meet the eligibility guidelines above, you may wish to talk with your doctor to see if he/she will consider referring you to Project Access.