Currently Enrolled

Are you already enrolled in Project Access? Here is some information to help you be successful in the program.

Patient Responsibilities

It is very important that you carefully read the Patient Responsibilities form. Project Access patients are required to meet these responsibilities. We want to help you get the care you need. We also want to honor the doctors and other providers donating time and services to you.

If you have any questions about your responsibilities or this form, please contact Project Access at 316-688-0600. Please feel free to ask us questions any time!

What if I need to see another doctor?

Please call Project Access if you are heading to see another doctor.

As a reminder, we cannot guarantee that all your services will be donated. It is up to the individual doctor to decide whether or not to donate care. Please be sure to show your Project Access card at every appointment. You should also show your Project Access card any time you get a diagnostic test, such as an x-ray or lab test.

What if I do get a bill?

You may be responsible for some bills. However, patients sometimes get bills when the doctor intended to donate care. As soon as you get the bill, contact Project Access at 688-0600. We will check to see whether there was a mistake and let you know.

How do I get an extension of my enrollment?

First, please be sure to save all your income information (pay stubs, etc.) while you are enrolled. You will need those documents if we are able to consider you for an extension.

Your Project Access card tells you the date when your enrollment ends. About a month before that ending date, we will send you a postcard about an extension.  When you get that postcard, you should call us right away to ask for an extension. If you do not call us, your enrollment will end on the date listed on your card. Even if you don’t get a card, you should call us about three to four weeks before your enrollment ends.

When you ask for an extension, please have the following information ready:

  • names of doctors you are still seeing through Project Access; and
  • appointment times you have scheduled to see those doctors.

After we get this information from you, we will contact your doctors. We will ask questions such as:

  • Do you have a continued medical need to be enrolled?
  • Have you shown up for appointments as planned?
  • Have you followed the plan of care as agreed with your doctor?
  • Is the doctor willing to continue to donate services to you?

The answers to these questions will help determine whether we can consider you for an extension. If we are able to consider you for an extension, we will need some information from you. Your service coordinator will set up an appointment and explain what documents to bring to the appointment.

How do I use my pharmacy card?

Please ask your doctor to send prescriptions to one of the pharmacies that take your Project Access card.

Many generic prescriptions are available for $4.00 or $5.00/month to $10.00/3 months. Stores that have these prices include Dillons, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. If your medications are available at these low prices, please pay the pharmacy directly. Don’t use your Project Access card. That will save you and our program money.

For other medications, you may use your Project Access card. You will be charged up to $6.00 for each prescription. Please note that your card only covers medications prescribed by your Project Access providers.

If you have very expensive medications, you may need help to get donated medications. We have a person on staff to help you get what you need. If you have any medication questions, please call 688-0600.

What if I need medical equipment or supplies?

Project Access has limited funds to help pay for medical equipment and supplies. If you need help with medical equipment or supplies, please call 688-0600.

Tips for patients

  • Project Access is not insurance and does not pay the doctors or other providers who may provide care for you through this program.
  • Doctors and other providers seeing you through Project Access are volunteering to donate their time and give you free care, they do not get paid or get any other benefits.
  • Please keep all of your appointments on time and follow the doctor’s instructions or you will be disenrolled from the program.
  • Project Access cannot promise you that all of your medical care will be donated for you; you may still have to pay for some services, like emergency room visits.
  • The clinic or doctor who enrolled you will make your referrals through Project Access; you will be responsible for the bills if you decide to see other doctors on your own.
  • There is a $1,000, 12-month maximum on medication assistance.
  • The dates of your enrollment are printed on your Patient ID and Prescription Cards.
  • Keep your Patient ID and Prescription Cards with you at all times.
  • Show your Patient ID Card at all doctor and provider appointments.
  • Show your Prescription Card when filling prescriptions at a participating pharmacy.
  • Call the Project Access office to promptly report changes in your address or phone number.
  • You must call Project Access one month before your enrollment ends if you have appointments with your doctor.
  • When your enrollment expires, you will be disenrolled from the program and your medication assistance will also end.